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Solar Panel Cleaning

If you are looking for someone to clean your valuable solar panels to perfection, we invite you to contact AAA Solar Cleaning Services LLC. Offering the finest solar panel cleaning services in the region, we pledge to rid your panels of all the unwanted solar blockers in sight.


An investment in panel cleaning services is an investment in energy efficiency and your panels themselves. Look to our cleaning technicians for value-driven service that gives panels the boost they need to efficiently power your home.

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We Clean Solar Panels

Solar panels are a worthwhile addition to any home, but they are also an investment with significant up-front costs. If you want to reap the many, many environmental and financial rewards that come from solar energy solutions, you’re going to have to invest in regular solar panel cleaning services.


The United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory recently conducted a study that showed homeowner’s saw a 30% energy yield loss per year as a result of infrequent solar panel cleaning. The connection between proper cleaning and energy efficiency is simple: the less grit and grime on the panels, the easier it is for the sun to hit the panels.


The homeowners and commercial property owners in our community look to us when they need first-class panel cleanings—and with good reason. We do more than simply spray the rooftops with hoses. We take an in-depth approach to the cleaning process.


Would you like to learn a little more about our residential and commercial solar panel cleaning services? Feel free to continue reading at your leisure. Or, better yet, call us at your convenience.


Cleaning Panels the Right Way

Did you know that the water used to clean panels needs to be conditioned through a water softener before use? It is true. Did you know that high-pressure hoses are a no-no during the clean process? At our company, we know all these trade secrets and more.


More than just roof and window cleaners, we have a strong familiarity with solar technology, making us the most suitable cleaning technicians for the task at hand.

You can count on us to:

  • Avoid abrasive cleaning methods
  • Inspect the panels for hazards
  • Conceal electrical equipment prior to cleaning
  • Soft-bristle cleaning brushes and panel-friendly products
  • And more


Quick Turnarounds on Cleaning Services

We don’t think you should have to wait all day for our solar panel cleaners to carry out their duties. We pledge to conclude our services in a respectable fashion. What’s more, we always make sure to arrive at your location on schedule, ensuring our cleaning session begins without issue. Look to us when you want swift turnarounds and client-centered service.


Book Our Cleaning Services Today

Are those solar-blocking patches of grit, grime, and droppings starting to show themselves on the panels again? Do you want to give the solar panels the long-overdue clean they need to operate as intended? Let us be the ones you call. Our phone number is (909) 330-9698.

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